Who Rules??

Well,my Rufous Hummingbird has spent most of his time chasing his rival male Rufous away, in the mean time Spots wife “Pretty Anna” ( Hummingbird ) has been able to sneak in and take a well deserved rest and fuel up, my photo of her catches her resting in the sun, she knew I was taking her photo because she stuck her tongue out at me! (Yes I’m nut’s)!!

Later that evening, Spot decided to show up and chase Rufous away so he and wife-ie could have a moment together but I missed that shot (figures) also my photo of Spot was a bit blurry, but you can see him flashing his beautiful neck when Rufous came back!



Got to look good for Spot!
Spot showing his colours
Rufous remains top bird, vigilant over his kingdom!


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