What Did You Say?


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We all have been known to come out and say stupid things, some of us more then others …  So this little story is about a couple of my more humorous stupid things I’ve said, and yes, even I shake my head and say ” Why Did I Say That?”.

A few years ago Hubby and I went camping one weekend, we are lucky because being disabled gives you a free pass to camp in our Provincial Parks as long as you have the right form to show the Park Attendant along with your I.D.

We were setting up our camp when the Attendant drove up and got out of her truck, I glanced her way and immediately thought I recognized her as someone I had gone to school with…. Now, hubby has a way of telling this story, being  very animated with his voice and arms and legs flailing, he does his interpretation of me with a very high voice that cracks me up till this day! On with the story….

I limp, I use a cane, I have a bum leg so I can’t run, but I can limp very quickly…so I flew up to her.  I was smiling, a huge grin on my face, Hey! I thought I knew her OK?……. I had my paper disability pass in my hand and I blurted out ” Hi! My Name Is Teresa! I’m From Parksville!”, she looked at me quizzically, and then slowly replied ” Hi, I’m Joan?” I then said ” Here’s my Disability Pass, We’re Camping!”  Little did I know hubby was standing behind me twirling his finger around his ear (we all know what that means!) then he says “I don’t know about her, but I’m from Nanaimo”! The attendant looked over my shoulder at him and slowly nodded her head up and down to him as if to say OK, I understand why she has the Disability Pass now! Then she got into her truck and drove off shaking her head!  I did go to school in Parksville, really!

I didn’t realize what an idiot I must of looked like or sounded like until hubby told his side of it from where he was standing, he just kept shaking his head and laughing,saying to me ” Why did you say that??”…..Oh boy, “I don’t know? I thought I knew her!” I said.

Next story is a short one.  I was sitting in my chair in the living room the other evening watching the boob tube. My dog came waggling up to me looking for a treat, I sat forward and looked at him and said one word  quite loudly ” Beef”!  Why that word came out I’ll never know! I can try to justify it but it still doesn’t make any sense! My poor hubby is really thinking I’m loosing it! but that’s only if I had it in the first place! Right??

Have you had some ridiculous word or statement come out of your mouth that made you and others shake their heads?

Have a nice Easter Weekend people! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What Did You Say?

  1. Amazingly I can’t think of anything off the top of my head. My biggest problem is remembering words, even normal every day words, and names are even worse. I flounder in the middle of sentences, either doing a lot of Uhms and Errrs, or else using words like ‘thingymjig’! It must be an age thing!

    I love your park story, and your hubby sounds hilarious. I could picture the whole scenario and was giggling! Good one T! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tina! I have the forgetting words also! I wasn’t sure anyone would get the Park story…People have to read it in a silly excited voice! Oh,he’s Funny alright!! lol…He keeps me laughing! 🙂

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