Down The Forest Path…

Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before 

OK, so we did…. The Bird Sanctuary on the Port Alberni Estuary

I didn’t get photo’s of birds, but I wish I recorded all of the singing. Totally Awesome!

Down The Path sm.jpg

Pipe Line Mt Arrow sm.jpg

Pipe Line Estuary sm.jpg
The Pipeline along the Estuary/Bird Sanctuary 

Flowers Along the Pipe Line

Dog Wood tree Flowers sm.jpg
Dogwood Tree, BC’s Provincial Tree
Samon Berry 6 sm.jpg
Salmonberry Flowers
Salmon Berry 4 small.png
Skunk Cabbage Flower sm.jpg
Skunk Cabbage Flowering under the BoardWalk 
Wild Flower sm.jpg
Not sure what these are, some sort of berry flower??

Field Of Yellow sm.jpg

A field of Buttercups!

Wild Blackberry flowers sm.jpg
More wildflowers growing by the car park

Stay Tuned For More “Wild” Photo’s” !

9 thoughts on “Down The Forest Path…

    1. Symplocarpus foetidus, commonly known as skunk cabbage or eastern skunk cabbage, is a low growing, foul-smelling plant that grows in wetlands of North America.
      Thankfully the wind was blowing the other way! lol..


    1. I would of loved too! We didn’t even get out to the estuary, the only birds that made an appearance were a pair of Huge Ravens and they made sure everyone within miles knew we were there! We shouldn’t of brought the dog! (he was bait for the bears if we ran into one)! lol.. 🙂

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  1. Beautiful pics as usual T! I love going to the bird sanctuary when we visit Port Aransas. I do need to step out every once in a while and go somewhere new. Just been too busy lately!

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