Help! Help! I’m Losing My Mind… (a Poem)

Help! Help! I’m losing my mind, please tell me… is that what I got up to find?

NO !  Help? I’m losing my mind you see, I think that’s why I got up??

Was it just to pee ??!

My neighbor just got home, so sweet and dear, I wonder what obnoxious

noises I’ll have to hear?

Babies screaming, Diesel truck’s a rumbling, knock knock at her door….

  please, just please, please go-away!

I don’t want to hear no more!

Rain rain go away, So cold, So cold, chilled to the bone,

Please get me warm fast, Please! let me be the person who I was in the past!

Ouch! Ouch!  Don’t touch me there!

Maybe today my sweet you can …  just touch my hair???

No one knows of each and every pain, but they soon learn to tune you out and look at you with disdain.

I’ve heard little whispers, my home isn’t as tidy as before,

I don’t think it’s so funny, as Fred rolls across the floor,

Fred my favourite pet dust bunny, as I can’t sweep no more!

The men in White Coats will be here soon, to take me away to the local Zoo……. No pain, no worries, no laughing bitches,

My days are all planned,

  I don’t even have to wash dishes!!

 Bonus! if all I want is to do is stare at the wall,

rolling my eye’s and spitting…

” Best Wishes to all!”???

But promise me only one thing, if anything at all

if you come to visit me… please?, please?, please? 

grab a hold of my hand

in case I fall.

written and edited by T. Asman

19 thoughts on “Help! Help! I’m Losing My Mind… (a Poem)

  1. That was very entertaining, I’m so glad you are really ok, but I too can relate to losing your mind. I’ve been sitting here trying to remember what else I was gonna do on the computer for 10 minutes! I think I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment! Keep laughing and smiling! (hugs)!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL…Fred’s taught not to sit on people! ha! ha! I was reading some of my past posts and this one made me laugh … so I re-posted it after I fixed it up a bit…
      I’m fine, my pup isn’t doing too well though, his backend is getting really weak. I’ll be fine! really! 🙂 Thanks Jude! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your mention of Fred may have set something off! I’ve mentioned him to Jack Probyn for his Wednesday Winspiration post today. I’ll see if he’s posted yet and send you the link. 😎

        Liked by 1 person

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