It’s My Fur Babies Birthday!

Today is my fur babies Birthday! He is 15 years old (105 human years)!

It’s a bittersweet day as he’s not feeling well, he’s getting old and his Kidneys are failing,   he’s almost blind and slowing down everyday before our eye’s.  I can’t think of waking up everyday and not seeing the little guy snoring beside me and us not having our morning love feast.

We don’t have children, so he’s our baby… Last year I threw him a online Birthday Party which was pure fun! People probably think I’m nuts but I really don’t care! So if you think I’m a nut and are disgusted with my tribute to my baby….go away and don’t try to show me all your photo’s of your kids and grandkids, you’re just as nut’s!

This might happen to you! :0

Because I’m disabled and don’t work, I can afford to sit and hold him on my chest to lull him to sleep with my heart beat for most of the day.  I’m treasuring every moment I have with him and will go to the end of earth to make his last days on this planet the best I can!  Even if just giving him a lick of my ice-cream cone or throwing him a french fry from my plate and of course… extra snuggles!

I’m trying hard not to be sad today, but it’s “friggin” hard, and I don’t do well with “friggin” hard things, at least not lately, just too many “friggin” hard things happening lately. It sucks!

He’s funny, he loves to laugh (yes dogs laugh!),he can be really silly at times and can also be a pain in the ass when he want’s!  He can melt your heart with just one look of his milky brown eye’s that make you want to pick him up and cuddle with him all day long!

He outlived all his friends and family, due to our great care and love of him, we are great fur baby parents! I guess it sounds like I’m patting my own back doesn’t it?? Damn right I am…! I’ve had 15 yrs. of building up to this… I can toot my horn if I want too!




15 birthday cake.jpg



My Friend

Buggz Cashmanilla

Buggz Photo.jpg

16 thoughts on “It’s My Fur Babies Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Buggz! You are just gorgeous – I know this because your mum has put a lovely photo of you on her blog. I hope you keep going for a few more years, which is quite possible with the love and care you have from your crazy mum! Have a wonderful birthday and please can I have a bit of your cake? I’d like the head of the tortoise – unless that’s the bit you want! xxxxxxxxxxx

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  2. That is a long time of companionshi, T. Unfortunately, we all get older and our body will wear out. Buggz is your child as far as I am concerned. Go and party on. Woof woof (happy birthday). P

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  3. I understand you completely and while you might be a little crazy, so am I! I’m always posting or showing pics of our fur babies to everyone. Happy Birthday to Buggz, may his last days be pain-free and peaceful, and to you T, get your mind and heart ready. I feel for you girl. ((hugs))

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