W.P.Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient


I hear the Mountains calling and I must go…


100_4286.JPGDeer me.jpg

The deer around our neighborhood are as “Transient” as animals can be, wandering in and out of yards, bedding down wherever they want then disappearing into the forest…until next year!


4 thoughts on “W.P.Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

  1. OMG! The surburbanites around here would be freaking out if they saw scenes like that. Deer are the new Native Americans in the US. Housing developments keep eating into their wild territory, and they’re treated like invaders when they try to roam on their own land…. now littered with upscale housing and NIMBYs who don’t want deer in their back yard. Poor things…

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    1. They are very welcome here! although they do eat all the Hosta’s and rose bushes! It’s the bears we have a problem with but not so much now as we have bear proof garbage cans…and the Fish & Game Guys chase them back into the woods! 🙂 I hate those NIBY people and their big fancy houses! Curse them! lol..


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