Smoke But No Mirror’s

The wild fires burning out of control on the mainland of British Columbia are causing havoc all around! The wind is blowing the smoke all the way over to Vancouver Island and settling in our Valley.  Major weather advisories about the heat (going to be over 100 f. today) and the smoke today, and there seems to be no end in sight! I’m not looking forward to it as we have no conditioning!

The smoke does have a wonderful quality…making for awesome sunsets!










ps… no filters or editing done.




12 thoughts on “Smoke But No Mirror’s

  1. Amazing photos you captured T with the sun trying to get through the smoke. I do hope you stay safe. Word from Kaslo says they have them burning in that area too, it’s such a worry. Down south in Spain and in S.E France the same thing, we’re OK so far. Fingers crossed for you.

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    1. I heard about the fires in France, not near you I hope? We’re far enough away from the fires (it would have to jump the Georgia Straight) but we’d be screwed if a fire started here, only 1 main hwy out, 1 dirt road out and the water! Scary! 🙂


    1. yes, the only good thing about the fires, getting rid of the pine beetle! I missed the moon rising, but later it seemed pretty clear! I’ll have to watch for it tonight but the mountains surround us and it will be difficult to see it pop up! 🙂


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