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Lucid Dreaming


This past few months I’ve had more Lucid dreams than I care to remember.  They are downright terrifying and personally I think they should be called Lucid Nightmares and I bet they probably are but as I read more on the subject what I actually experience is called False Awakenings.   You dream of waking up but in fact, of course, are still asleep. Van Eeden (1913) called these “wrong waking up” and described them as “demoniacal, uncanny, and very vivid and bright, with . . . a strong diabolical light.” They are brought on by stress and I find when I partake in foods my body doesn’t like, it’s also an added trigger. Both of these 2 items have been predominant in my life lately.

I wrote about the weirdest dream I had a few months ago,”The Hat Man/Shadow Man ” typically named as a paranormal phantom of death.  Do I believe it’s paranormal?? A man in a dark long coat and wide brimmed hat standing in the bedroom in 3 different spots 3 different awake times, each getting closer and closer to the bed.  No I don’t believe, at least not since I’ve had these two most recent “False Awakenings”.  But I still believe in UFOs!  lol..

Enough serious adult talk, now for a laugh or a scare depending on your fright level…

I awoke to a man in a black trench coat standing beside my bed, he was on the side closest to the window, I couldn’t see his face but I could make out a pointy chin and beady eyes that never left my face.  I squeezed my eyes shut and told him to go away, I opened them again only to see him still standing there, not moving and a bit closer. Panic ensued with thoughts of this being real, the only way to find out if it really was real was to muster up the courage to try to reach out and touch this “thing”.  Petrified, I started swinging in hopes to not have my arm stopped by a cold hairy hand.  My hand hit material but nothing solid, I woke as I uttered a barely audible pathetic scream, the curtains hanging from my window still in my hand!   Wow, I was almost on the verge of crapping myself!  After the realization of this being a dream I sat up in bed and started laughing to myself, my poor curtain just got the tar beat out of it!  Thank You Chinese food and Tim Hortons doughnuts!

A few nights after that episode my hubby brought the dog into the bedroom to put him to bed with me .  Hubby said I was snoring up a storm and to get me to stop he touched my knee and I started giggling evilly, he touched my arm and I giggled more! He said at first he thought I was joking around but soon realized I must’ve been dreaming as I quit my evil giggling and quickly went back to snoring!  I have no recollection of any of that! It’s kind of funny don’t you think? Giggle, Evil Giggle, Evil Giggle…

This past Sunday night I had eaten a piece of chocolate cake, bad idea!  I woke up (in my dream) to wanting to reach over and turn up or change the radio station on the stereo (it must of been a good tune or a bad one).  As I looked over at the stereo and in mid reach I stopped dead, there beneath the stereo’s knob was a blue wash tub full of rats scurrying around trying to get out of the tub, I pulled my arm away as quickly as I could but was horrified as the largest rat was able to stand on its back feet and stretch upward lightly brushing my arm!   I kept telling myself this was a dream, just reach out and smack the rat across the room because it wasn’t real there shouldn’t be any solid resistance!  I woke up, again my hand had a hold of material, this time it was my quilt!  I even let out a loud grunt as my hand hit my mattress repeatedly … OK, at least it wasn’t a rat … and I didn’t assault my curtains again! lol..

I really hope I can find a food that would trigger a “Good Dream” I’ll even take a dream that doesn’t contain “Shadow Men or Rats”cause  I’m getting a bit tired and need a good night’s sleep!

If you want to read more on this subject, I found this site and it was pretty interesting.  https://www.susanblackmore.co.uk/articles/lucid-dreaming-awake-in-your-sleep/

Have you ever had a dream that you thought you were awake in and woke up batting something away?? Tell me about it, so I at least don’t feel too crazy! lol..









15 thoughts on “Dreaming Awake/False Awakening

  1. Blimey! Trench-coat man sounded pretty damn scary, and the rats weren’t very pleasant either! Those dreams are horrible – where you dream you’ve been woken by something so you think it’s really happening. The most terrifying dream I remember was dreaming I’d been woken by a noise and then heard the bedroom door push open. I sensed something in the room, then felt something jump on the bed – and knew by the weight and movement it was a large dog or wolf! I felt it walk across the bed getting closer and closer and then I felt its warm breath in my ear! At that point I woke up absolutely terrified. Had to get up and go downstairs and make a cup of tea! Never forgotten it! I have no idea what I had for supper that night – but I hope I don’t eat it again if that’s what caused the nightmare. The other well known waking dream is when you think you’re awake and something is sitting on your chest, and you can’t move! Bloody terrifying! But I haven’t had that since I was a kid. Hope you get some good nights soon! Sweet dreams T 🙂 🙂

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    1. Wholly crap Jude! That dog/wolf sounds terrifying! I’ve dreamt something jump on the bed before but it stayed near my feet, I’ve always thought it was the ghost of one of my old cats coming to bed. I’ve heard about the weight on the chest and it has always been connected with the paranormal…freaky stuff! ❤

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  2. I have had this issue off and on over the years, also when I’m falling asleep…I’ll actually start to feel myself fading out, with a buzzing in my ears. It’s fucking scary shit. And thinking that you’re awake when you’re really not. Yep.
    No black man or anything like that, but my best friend morphed into a green monster once and I was peeling my skin off in front of the mirror.
    I’ve noticed that most of the time I experience this shit when I’m stressed, depressed or taking certain medications, especially.

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    1. Ya, your head buzzes like you can’t shut your brain down and it feels like you’ve not slept, I get a lot of those and I tell Pat I didn’t sleep at all last night and he says “You were snoring your head off!” When you snore you don’t sleep fitfully! Those are some freaky dreams Mer! Green monsters and peeling skin…scary shit!!


  3. I dream almost every night, usually in living color, about people I don’t know or places I’ve never been. I did wake once feeling someone was in the bedroom. Looked around, didn’t see anyone but felt someone was there. I actually woke Hubby. He said “you’re dreaming go back to sleep”. Not sure if that’s what you’re talking about.

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    1. This is actually dreaming you see something and you react to it then wake up, and yes people dream in colour, I’ve had bizarre dreams of deer with red mittens and in a house of bright yellow, & of places I’ve never seen and also people, once I dreamt I was flying over tree’s! The dream world is amazing.. Too bad a regular person couldn’t control what we dream, I’d never wake up! lol. Thanks for dropping by Ann ! Sweet Dreams ! 🙂


  4. My mom used to call those “pizza” dreams, a reference to eating bad/the wrong kind of foods. Yours are terribly vivid! That should scare you into eating healthier, no?
    I don’t remember my dreams anymore, I have an occasional nightmare, never thought to surmise if it was stress related. They are very rare thank goodness. Eat a salad for gosh sakes! ((Hugs))!

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    1. I eat very healthy, make everything from scratch and eat salad almost every day but every once in awhile I crave food I don’t usually eat/or stay away from, but this time was friends “treating us” so I indulged. I payed the price! Well at least I know they aren’t real, but my luck I’ll wake up to something real! Heavens forbid!! (hugs) Kim!

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