WP Photo Challenge: Pedestrian



The Pedestrian traffic on the Ocean is picking up, it is just as dangerous or more so as a road.  You will find  the experience everything but Pedestrian.





8 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

  1. So true that the ocean is a road, too. When it’s warm and the sun’s shining, there are so many among us who will flock to the waters for a bit of surfing or paddling around. The beaches here where I am (Melbourne, Australia) get crowded when it’s summer – a lot of us just love swimming and surfer, trying to ride those waves higher and higher. So easy to knock into each other if we’re not looking out for each other. But haven’t seen that happen to much 🙂

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  2. The waterways are getting a bit congested especially some of our lakes with the motor boats, jet skis, and other motorized crafts. It becomes so busy that someone in a canoe or kayak doesn’t stand a chance. I prefer the quiet out of the way lakes that do not allow motorized vessels.

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    1. We’re lucky our waterfront isn’t too busy ( Ocean Inlet), but go to the lake and it’s crazier! We have lots of lakes and there is always a quiet one to find! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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