One Step Forward, 3 Steps Back…Cha Cha Cha


I’ve been mindlessly absent from my blog lately as my regular readers may have noticed, just trying to keep up with the weekly photo challenges (barely) but I’m even finding that difficult. I don’t usually use my blog to gripe or spill my utmost inner feelings but I really need to today.

This has been a terrible year for my hubby and I, him being diagnosed with Cancer and then large sums of money we don’t have having to be shelled out.  Good news is hubby had a clean bill of health last month (except for his major arthritis) but it still leaves us without any financial security and getting deeper and deeper in debt.  Our car is on it’s last leg, only one door opens, making hubby do an acrobatic maneuver just to get in, then to top it off our little dog who is 15 1/2 punctured his eye 2 days ago and there is a big chance he’ll need it removed.   I overheard the Vet while out of the room ” that eye has to come out”.  How are we going to pay for it?? I don’t know but I’m thinking of selling my soul to the Devil… or find myself a rich Sugar Daddy, whichever is the lesser of the 2 evils?

I’ve been looking for work but finding I’m either too old, too physically unable to carry out a job or I’m too qualified, there just doesn’t seem to be anything in between. I’m at a loss..I’ve always been able to find work, but that was then as it’s now 25 years laters and I’m obviously out of touch.

So, I’m off to cry in my cornflakes and then try to figure out how to get out of this hole we call life, don’t worry, I’m just depressed and I usually bounce back quickly, but life sucks right now and I’m only human.

13 thoughts on “One Step Forward, 3 Steps Back…Cha Cha Cha

  1. I’m so sorry T that you are having such a rough time. I know you know what needs to be done but maybe you’re waiting for someone else to say it? Maybe it’s time to relieve Buggz of his misery. He’s had a long life and he is probably ready to go. As for you and work, have you thought of using your skills as a writer to get work? You can work from home as a freelance writer, check out some of these websites. Good luck!

    It will take time (I’m still working on it myself) but if you’re determined you’ll get there. Praise God your hubby is ok, the doctors will get their money when you can afford to pay them, don’t stress. Hang in there girl!

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    1. Thanks Kim, I’ve got my feelers out for work, just waiting for replies is a killer. Buggz is doing fine other then his eye, still wags his tail and is prancing around the house, eating and drinking and we go for walks everyday, don’t worry, when the time comes we won’t let him suffer. It’s just the unexpected expenses right now that are hitting us below the belt. I need to get out of the house to work…my sanity is at stake! lol… 🙂


  2. Oh bloody hell T, what an awful year, and I’m so sorry to here you sounding so down. But who wouldn’t be with that lot landing on their heads. I suppose the best news is that your hubby came through the cancer, but then obviously at a huge financial cost. Money worries are horrible, and as one gets older it seems much harder to get work for a whole variety of reasons. And now your little old dog is very poorly which must be the icing on the bloody cake. I really hope something comes up for you, and soon. BIG hugs xx Jude

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