WP Photo Challenge: Cheeky




Never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d get a kitten, but our lives were missing  “young blood” to revitalise us and our old dog, so in came the aptly named Peawea or as we secretly want to call him “Psycho” or Psy for short !  The Cheekiest little critter I have ever met!

He tries to nurse off of the dog, who bolts as soon as the kitten touches him and is relentless, he thinks my legs are climbing tree’s,  4 am is the best time to play jungle gym on the bed and to gallop around the house sounding like a miniature horse, he pulls dirty socks from the hamper and drags them into the living room, picks up his toys and drags them to whatever room he thinks to play in at the moment! We all haven’t gotten a decent night’s sleep since he entered our house, well, Psy has!


He’s loving, adorable, sweet and yes, the “Cheekiest”  little bugger I have ever meet!

Did I mention…he steals material off my work table?? Cheeky is right! lol…




20 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge: Cheeky

  1. He’s beautiful! And I am sure you wouldn’t have him any other way. You will remember his kitten year with great fondness and much laughter – if you make it through it in one piece! I hope you’ve been able to get some rest.

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  2. Hey T, how goes things? Love this post and little Psy is just brilliant – a great name for him. Has he climbed the curtains yet! He’s bound to dismantle the Christmas tree! But what joy he brings. Really happy for you. Hugs xx

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    1. Hi Jude! Things are going… Psy climbed the curtains I think it was the second or third day (in the middle of the night!) He’s gotten a few shots of water when he pays too much attention to Lucy the Budgie and he’s slowly learning not to batt poor blind Buggz in the face! Wow, what a challenge when everything is a playtoy!


  3. What a cutie! I had almost forgotten the whole leg climbing thing kittens do before they’re able to jump… and I had a rascal for each leg. Ody liked to climb up all the way up to my shoulder and just perch there…. cute, but not comfortable!

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