W.P. Photo Challenge:

❤ Beloved ❤


My Friend

My Beloved Shitzu “Buggz”.

I know I’ve posted this photo before but “Buggz” came to mind as soon as I saw the challenge “Beloved”!

My little dog will be turning 16 in June, I really hope he keeps going,  he’s like the Eveready Bunny, he just keeps on going.  The poor little guy has had a challenging year, first blindly running into a table leg and popping a hole in his eye, too old to have surgery, we were able to heal it with meds and a lot of care and attention. Then this January he had a major fever that took two rounds of antibiotics and IV fluids, painkillers and more antibiotics only to find out he had “Calcium Oxalate Crystals” (sharp little crystals that tumble around in his bladder) that caused an infection and causing a lot of pain.

He is doing well now, still on pain meds but still wagging his tail and jumping around the living room when his favorite foods are eaten.  A slight change of diet and no more of his favorite foods (french fries and bananas) but he still gets excited when he smells them because he can only hope!   He is still a happy, healthy senior with a bit of Dementia which makes him all the more loveable, adored and he is my “Beloved”.


Too slow for those who wait.  Too swift for those who fear, Too long for those who grieve, Too short for those who rejoice, But for those who love, Time is not…  Henry van Dyke




21 thoughts on “W.P. Photo Challenge:

  1. Beautiful photograph. Loved reading about Buggz. 🙂 Really glad to hear his eye is fine. My neighbor’s dog hasn’t been so lucky. He developed some sort of infection and went blind in both eyes. And he is I think around 9 or 10. What’s sad is he still hasn’t been able to cope up with his vision loss and still keeps bumping into things. I always thought animals adapt very quickly to their disabilities, but somehow he still hasn’t.

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    1. Thank You! Buggz is 100% blind now in the injured eye and about 90% in his other, he started going blind a few years ago, and he runs into everything! I think he ran into a table leg and that’s how he punctured his eye. He has to wear a hard cone 80% of the time to save what is left! Dogs are funny creatures, if they were young I’m sure they would of adapted quickly!
      Buggz was born unable to use his back legs, and slowly taught himself to use his back legs in unison so he has hopped like a rabbit since the age of 12 wks,(tucks them under when he swam), hence the name Buggz (Bunny)! My husband told everyone he was raised by wild Jackrabbits and some actually believed! 🙂

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  2. Like many others I can completely identify with your thoughts and feelings. Our little one is named “Kifli” and is an absolute treasure. I hope things continue to go well with Buggs…


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  3. Buggz!

    And I have to LOL, because incorrect usage of apostrophes is one of my huge pet peeves… but over time, I have found your excessive use of apostrophes to be endearing! Keep up with the photo’s and word’s!

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