WP Photo Challenge : Story

To Tell A Story

An Artist at Work

His creations tell a story.  A great story of creativity, the mood, the time and the future.  It can fill a book of wonderful tales of the person who created it and the person who appreciates it. We all have a story!  The artist above sadly passed away about 3 months after this photo, my neighbor was his best friend and has many pieces of his art.  Bill’s (the artist) story lives on.

The eye mural
Art speaks where words are unable to explain” Many people dismiss Graffiti as the work of a young man with destructive cans of paint in his possession. Street Art is going through a revolution. It’s images can have meaning far beyond words.




5 thoughts on “WP Photo Challenge : Story

  1. Cool pics, I have an artist friend too! I think a lot of graffiti is amazing artwork, I love to sit and watch trains go by so I can see it sometimes.

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