Innocent Till Proven Guilty!

This last Tuesday I volunteered for the very 1 st time for the “Sunshine Club” a Club for people 50 and over with most participants being in their late 60’s and 70’s, that is held at our local Rec Centre. My neighbor Candyse got me to join and we are probably 2 of the youngest members!  I really enjoyed myself and probably will do it again!

They offer tons of things to do, you could  be busy all day with pottery, exercise, crafts, floor hockey ect..  The club offers a daily lunch that is run by all volunteers.  I was called in on Tuesday to do my first shift in the kitchen just  observing how things are done.

Candyse and I go to the “Woolies & Crafts” club on Tues. which is really known as “The Bitch & Stitch” with about a dozen ladies sitting around knitting, crafting, chatting about anything & everything and just having a good laugh.  Candyse was nice enough to wait for me after the Stitch & Bitch was over while I did my first shift in the kitchen.

Because I have some years of being a Sous Chef working in a professional kitchen the lady training me decided to throw me straight into the sandwich station which I didn’t mind at all except it had been a few years and I was a bit rusty, but I kept at it, sooner than later it was like riding a bike again.  The lunches are primarily soup, a choice of roast beef  or ham & cheese or egg salad sandwiches and or muffins, pretty simple stuff and at the end of it the shift volunteers are allowed to have lunch.  Because Candyse was waiting for me I decided to just grab a Roast Beef Sandwich which I only made a few minutes earlier and take it home for hubby.  I wrapped the sandwich and stuffed it in my pocket.

Hubby didn’t want the sandwich right away, he decided to take it to work with him for a snack for between jobs.  As driving out of town to his next job, he was looking forward to his Roast Beef Sandwich so he unwrapped it and took a bite while shifting gears up one of the hills.  ” Hmm he thought, this doesn’t taste like a Roast Beef Sandwich”, so he took another bite, “Hmm? mustard, mayo, onions, lettuce….I don’t taste any beef?” so he thought maybe it all fell out so he pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned the interior light on and took a look…  He said out loud to himself… “Funny Teresa, real funny! Ha! Ha! your a real joker”!

The phone rang about 10:00 pm, I answered it ” Me: Hello?, Hubby: “Good joke you played on me!” Me: “What are you talking about?” Hubby: You know damn well what I’m talking about!” Me: ” I don’t have a clue what your talking about”! Hubby: ” You gave me a lettuce & onion sandwich, No Roast Beef!  I was drooling all evening in anticipation of a Roast Beef Sandwich”.  Me: Are you serious? your joking right?  Hubby: ” No, I’m not joking! There was no beef in my sandwich!  Me: LMAO!! Oh My Word! Seriously? Hubby: Seriously!  Did you make this Sandwich?  Me: Ah, ya…. lol…

After hanging up the phone I sat down and replayed the afternoon in the kitchen, there was one complaint from a customer, she didn’t get the two crackers with her soup she always received, Ok, not a bad complaint.. so I fast forwarded my brain to the last sandwich I made, Ah Ha! mustard, mayo, onions, lettuce, put the lid on, slice and wrap! OOps! Oh Snap I forgot the Beef! LOL


When hubby got home he couldn’t shake the thought I seriously did it on purpose as a joke, I didn’t do it on purpose really!  I must of had a brain fart!  I had a really good belly laugh at hubbies expense though.  I’m just glad he got the sandwich instead of a paying customer because I don’t think the ladies would let me live it down!  I’m still chuckling about it! Hubby, well, not so much, I still owe him a Roast Beef Sandwich!  Hehehe!

10 thoughts on “Innocent Till Proven Guilty!

  1. That was a funny story, I can’t believe he ate it anyway! What a good sport! Kudos to you for finding something to do that is fun for you and beneficial to others! (Hugs)

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    1. Thanks Kim! It is fun, the kitchen takes a break for summer and starts up again in Sept. I’ll be going back to volunteer then. Oh, he only ate 1/2 or it! lol… sorry haven’t been around, I’m just taking a blog reading break, be back soon! 🙂

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    1. It does seem to be a second home for a lot of the older people, hell, I’m only 53, I’m still just a baby compared to the others! We both can’t believe I did that! So funny! 🙂

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