Nervous Wreck

Buggz Photo

Here we go again… Fret

My poor little old pup (2 months till his 16th Birthday) has hurt his eye again, probably running into a planter out in the yard.  I thought he’d be safe with his cone on but no…

The first couple days were touch and go and even though he’s on antibiotics, eye drops and extra painkillers his eye is still leaking a bit of blood and puss (gross stuff, sorry!).

He’s finally eating and drinking by himself (with a bit of help) and the other end of him is working just fine except he’s a bit wobbly and obviously still in pain and I’m having trouble cleaning his eye without hurting him and pulling off the protective puss cover.  His health is pretty good otherwise I’d consider saying goodbye to my little old man.  So if you don’t see me on here reading your posts lately I’m a bit distracted by nursing my doggie with meds every 2 hrs. but you might catch me on Facebook for a few minutes every eve (I’m addicted) lol…

Time will tell and hopefully his eye will heal, he’s a little old for surgery so I ‘m going against my beliefs to ask for something I never ask for “Prayers” for Buggz.

On a sweet note, Pea our lunatic kitten hasn’t left Buggz’s side since the injury and is always trying to cuddle with him whether Buggz wants it or not!  Here’s a photo!


Till next time….


15 thoughts on “Nervous Wreck

    1. Buggz’s eye is healing slowly, the hole in it is still weeping and it is totally blood red (it’s really gross looking) but it is healing. Poor old guy, at least now he is hopping around and wagging his tail when ever he smells food! 🙂


  1. Awwwww, how sweet! Did she want to be in a cone like him or was that a coincidence? And why is the inside of her ear green? 🤣
    I hope Buggz gets well soon! ((Hugs)) for Buggz and prayers too!

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    1. Thanks Ron! They are amazing in their compassion. I don’t think it’s returned from Buggz, the cat is an annoyance to him but since he’s hurt he has no choice in the matter! lol…


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