WP Weekly Photo: Liquid




A recent trip to ” Great Central Lake” allowed me to take some wonderful “Liquid” photos.  Only part of the lake is visible or road accessible, with steep sides all around the lake making it very unpopulated with a scattering of float homes. Recent clear cut logging has scared the wonderful mountains that surround it as you will see in my photos.

Great Central Lake is one of the premier recreational lakes on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Great Central Lake is 35 kilometers long, with an area of 49 square kilometers, and 333 meters deep.Wikipedia

Length45 km
Area51 km²
Max. depth333 m (1,093 ft)






Rope & Chain Underwater 
Baby fish, either Salmon or Trout Fry

A wonderful clear “liquid” that is determined to give you goosebumps when you jump in!


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