My Old Soul



My old soul sits beside me just as he has for the last 16 years,

I’ve watched him grow old and weary, lots and lots of laughter and very, very few tears.

His body is worn and boney, his youth disappearing with each day, his eyes cloudy with cataracts and his heart is empty for play.

Is it possible I grow to love him more and more each and every day?

The house is silent from his silly sounding barks, but I hear him loud and clear as he snuggles beside me on our old comfy chair.  What a site for sore eyes, a disabled dog and a crippled woman, boy we make a pair.

My old soul, my friend, my love, the biggest part of my heart.

I dread the day that will soon come, the day we must part.  My old soul, my friend, the biggest part of my heart. 💔💔💔💕💕



I haven’t been posting much of anything lately, as I haven’t really much to say and my camera isn’t working very well.  The weather has been pretty nice so I’ve been mostly puttering in the yard and garden and taking care of my old Buggz.  He turned 16 on June 16th so we threw him a little party and as you can see from the photo it was a bit too much for him and he fell asleep! lol…  Earlier in June my old Budgie Lucy passed away, she was with us 12 yrs., I fear the cat had something to do with her passing so we’ve changed his name to E.P  (Evil Psycho), it fits him well and he does come to it!

Hubby’s still fighting lots of pain in his hips from arthritis( he needs new hips) and he has one eye that is starting to detach from it’s retina and he might need possible surgery on it, but his cancer hasn’t shown back now for 8 months so that is great news!  I’ve been on new meds for my chronic nerve pain and they are working well together and I’m able to do about 70% of normal stuff so I’m feeling pretty good.

As soon as I get my camera back up to snuff or the weather takes a turn or I have news to report or god forbid I get bored I’ll be back posting.  I hope you all are having a great summer, I know I’m going to try! I’ll leave you with one of my recent favorites, Buggz & E.P. sleeping together I don’t think it was a mutual cuddle as Buggz was in a deep sleep and it’s possibly the only time E.P. seems to be able to snuggle up to him!






13 thoughts on “My Old Soul

  1. I know how difficult it will be the day you have to part. But the miracle of a dog living 16 years; what an incredible blessing! Our precious shitzu pup is eleven. She is the love of lives.

    I pray your pain doesn’t flare up too much during these humid months. Bless you, dear Teresa. ❤

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    1. He’s taken a turn for the worst, he’s unable to walk and hasn’t been eating much so I’ve had to make the dreaded decision, his apt. which is this Tues afternoon. I’m holding a Last walk with Buggz, and posted it on my towns Facebook page for all animal lovers to come together and say hello & goodbye to my old boy, a sort of celebration.
      Hold on tight to your little one, and I pray she lasts as long as Buggz! Hugs to you and yours. ❤ T.


  2. I know it will be hard and I’m praying you find some way to come to terms with it, I hate that your pet passed away, yes the cat may have had a hand in it. I’ll also pray for comfort and peace regarding your hubby, do try to have a good summer and we are all here (your bloggy family)if you need someone to talk to. Love ya T!

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    1. Thank you Kimmy! 💗💙💜 much appreciated! You have a great summer also, we’ve already been in the river, earliest I’ve ever gone in and looking forward to watching the eagles soar above while we float along! lol.. 💖 I’ll try to get a few pic’s!

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