I’ve been M.I.A. for a month or so as some of you may have noticed (or not) lol, and I thought I’d share what was going on in my life.

It’s been a whirlwind of happenings and emotions this summer as I’m trying to find my place in the world again that is not ” Buggz’s full time caretaker” as it took up most of my days for about 2 yrs or  more (and I’m not complaining one bit!).

I’m staying busy keeping out of trouble doing the things I love, like picking berries, canning fruit & veg, baking and growing zuccini,tomatoes, butter nut squash (a few of the things I love to eat).  swimming at the river and lake or as it really is…wallowing with my pool noodle!

We’ve had a couple family tragedies this summer as one brother and his family lost their home to fire that was caused by another condo owner, then in the same week my other brother’s wife was diagnosed with stomach cancer and I’m miles away and feel helpless. My hubby goes for his 1 year checkup for his cancer this coming week so keep everyone in your prayers please.

My photo taking has ground to a halt as my 1 yr. old laptop died on me it’s in the shop and I’m not sure when I’ll get it back, so I’m stuck on my old box (Windows 7) tucked away in my little office.  I’m sitting in the same room as my cats litter box and all I can say about that is “he’s a stinky little bugger” lol !  This old computer is so slow I’m tearing my hair out using it so I’m limiting my time on it!   My newer photo’s are on my camera but don’t seem to want to download to this thing (I think I might of forgotten how on this archaic machine), I have some newer ones I posted to Facebook before my lap top died so I just might have to copy them so I can publish here so keep your fingers crossed! Yay! it worked!

This year our extremely hot and dry summer has put our little valley under the threat of fire (a fire bug suspected), it seems every week a fire would start at each side of the mountains that surround us.  We weren’t in any danger as they were quickly under control but I took a few photo’s of the fire’s and also got some wonderful smoke filled sunsets. (One photo is from a photographer here in town).

If I haven’t visited your blogs lately it’s not because I’ve become disinterested, it’s because of my computer being so slow and my patients wearing thin with it, so I apologize and hopefully I’ll catch up later!  Stay tuned for more summer time photo’s!

I’ll see you all soon!


Teresa (aka: Ladybuggz)




11 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. Heartbreaking to know that your hubbies’ health struggles continue …and with new additions :-(. The best advice I can give is to give yourself lots of love and support so that you can offer the same to your hubby and to focus on getting through this (rather than focusing on ‘we’ll never get through this’). Sending love and healing wishes.

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  2. I know what a nail-biter that 6 months check up can be. I was very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother’s home and the diagnosis for your other brother’s wife. Wishing them and their families the best as they rebuild their homes and their health. And may 2019 bring you much joy after such a challenging year.

    PS. Those sunsets were a balm for the soul.

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    1. Hello Lisa, sorry to be late getting back to you…this year has sucked and is still sucking, Hubbies check up turned out bad, it was back, he’s had his second surgery and now they found he needs a heart bypass surgery… probably in early twenty nineteen… We’re trying to be positive but it’s hard….

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      1. It’s been good and bad, my mother-in-law is sick, Dad has Parkinson’s and depends on me to take him to all his appointments, and last week my brother had surgery and needed help. Writing has been on the back burner, but I still fit a few posts in here and there. I’m hoping to still make my cruise since it got cancelled due to hurricane Harvey last year. That’s in mid-October. 😊


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