Still kick’n, down but not out!

Hello everyone, wow, life has become a real wicked joke, and the joke is on us I guess…

I’ve been in Damage mode and really trying not to self destruct and I’ll tell you all why. The last post I did was after my pup died and my hubbies one year Cancer check, well, his Cancer check turned up more growing back, so he had to have surgery again in October.  he’s recovered from that surgery and in line for more surgery next month but not for Cancer.

My hubby Patrick, has been having major pain in his right leg for years, doctors telling him it was his hip. It wasn’t until he started having it go numb and he’s had it collapse on him that our doctor decided to do more tests.  Well it turns out his has a clogged main artery in his leg.  So next month he goes for a Heart Bypass, they have to make a new artery and attach it to the heart and down to his leg.  He has to spend a week in the hospital and take 6 wks off work.

Then to top it off I had an MRI on my neck last month only to discover the pain and pins and needles are from Degenerative Discs and Spinal Stenosis.  Boy, just as I was starting my job hunt which was hard enough explaining why I haven’t worked in  yrs. then throw all this stuff in makes me really unsure about my abilities.

So life has been kind of ruff and we’re struggling like crazy and if money wasn’t an issue I’d be growing less white hair… Yes white, I’m not going grey, lol.

Our Christmas tree is up, so are our lights but yet I just don’t feel it.  I’ve been trying to be more giving, donating clothing and food to people who are worse off than ourselves and I’m also working on having a major company donate reflective arm bands to the less fortunate in our town as just recently two kids have been hit by cars and killed due to low visibility at night. The least I could do.

Some people might of noticed I changed my name on my blog, it’s Violet, I was playing around one night thinking I’d start another blog as this one is running out of room, so before I do switch, I’ll make sure to let you all know.

I have adopted another kitten, this little guy is a long haired pure black male. Where he came from is unknown but he is very skitsy and timid unless he gets to know you, he becomes the sweetest little creature so full of love.  We have named him Crackers.  We just need another critter to name “Nut Butter” so we’d have “P” Nut Butter and Crackers!

Here’s a few Photos that I’ve had the time to take, enjoy, and if I don’t write again before January 18th when Patrick goes in the hospital …

I Wish You All A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

My 40 yr old X-Mas Tree this year


P with Gerome
“P” and his Giraffe Gerome, he can’t stand his toy on top of the cat perch.
front of Cracker and tongue
This is “Crackers” such a cutie.
tug and fog
A Foggy November morning
tug going to shore in fog
The fog is lifting….

One thought on “Still kick’n, down but not out!

  1. I was wondering who the heck Violet was, lol! Your cat is a cutie, I’m sorry you have been going through such a rough time. I pray you both get good news for a change and that the Lord will bless you with better health this year. My husband just lost his mom and we have been going through a rough spot too, what with planning her memorial and all the costs involved with that and her house and bills. We all need for the dark clouds to lift and see the sunshine again, here’s to hoping 2019 is a better year for us all moving forward! ((Big Hugs)) to you T, glad to hear you’re still alive and kicking, even if not so energetically! 😉

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