An Indigenous Hello from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

This past weekend was the Cruise Ship Festival, a rare visit from a Cruise Ship to our little town of Port Alberni, BC, Canada.

I got up early and walked down to the waterfront that morning, when I left the house it was overcast and a little cool so I wore a sweatshirt and jeans. I kind of wished I wore a waterproof coat and gloves, boy it was darn right chilly, windy and of course it started to rain just as the Native dancers and drummers started their welcome songs.

Welcome to the West Coast where the weather changes in a blink of an eye! 

I took a few photos but mostly video before my hands started to freeze, so I hope you like them, most photos are captured from video so if not perfectly clear that is why.

The cruise ship { MS. Maasdam} passengers were welcomed by 5 Nuu-chah-nulth Nations that make the west coast of Vancouver Island home; The Tseshaht, Hupacasath, Uchucklesaht, Tlaoquiaht and the Huu-ay-aht.  Most are in their colourful native dress.


Drummers and Dancers wait for there que
The men with their drums wait to play

100_1105 100_1104






The men gather in a circle and play instruments and sing as the women dance



I charged my camera in hopes of recording the dancing and singing of the Welcome Songs, well I recorded 4 of them but as I tried to download them here to my site, I realize I can’t because I don’t have the “Premium Package” here on WordPress.  So if your interested in seeing them shoot me a note on Facebook and I’ll send them to you via  Teresa L. Asman.


4 thoughts on “An Indigenous Hello from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

  1. What an incredible sight. I would love to see the video. Can you share with me on Messenger? Hoping your husband’s surgery went well today. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Arrived in Grenada two days ago and still playing catch up

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    1. I sent you a message on Messenger, sadly the files are too big to be sent on there, we’ll figure something out.. Patrick surgery went ..ok, they couldn’t get all the tumor out because it would of put a hole in the bladder wall, so another surgery is in a few months. Sucks! But he is in good spirits and not too much pain. Thank you for remembering💜💜We’ll chat soon.

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    1. Hello, I am doing well, my husband has his third cancer surgery on the eleventh of this month so a bit stressed at the moment. This article was the first time in awhile I got out by myself, my blog is running out of room so I might have to start another. So stay tuned. Thank you so very much for asking. Take care of yourselves 🤗🤗

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