Summer Travels

Hello everyone, how’s your summer going?  Ours has been busy, a visit from my brother and his 5 yr. old Granddaughter from Alberta kept us on our toes for a week and it was wonderful getting to know my great Niece and to reconnect with my brother.

We played tourist guide and it was fun seeing things from the eyes of a 5 yr. old. We took her to our little Aquarium that has all local fish and critters but I never thought the “ball pit” and “tub of Lego” would capture her attention more than the cool looking Wolf Eel lol…

She was infatuated by my hubby, she never left his side, always stroking his bald head and kissing his cheek, it was really cute. She was jealous of me being near him and was not pleased when I insisted my hubby and I had our photo taken. I bought beads and jewelry making kits for her and I was the only one who she never made anything

We drove up to Comox with them to guide them to the airport so he wouldn’t get lost, it was a beautiful trip as I haven’t been to that side of the island in a long time…my old stomping grounds.  We stopped in Fanny Bay at the oyster farm so my brother could get some oysters to take back to Alberta, they picked a few shells to take home also.  After saying our goodbyes, hubby and I drove past the Comox Air Force Base and saw a field of old planes so I insisted we stop so I could take photos. I didn’t note the names or years of the planes as I was pretty exhausted but I thought they’d be a neat addition to my photo album.

I hope you enjoy my summer photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Till next time.

7 thoughts on “Summer Travels

    1. Precocious that’s for sure, hubby told her it would cost her twenty five cents a day to be his girlfriend, lol. My brother couldn’t figure out why she kept asking for quarters. It was so funny. We made sure the money went in her suitcase. 🤣🤣🤣

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