A few months ago I was shopping at a local grocery store, as I was leaving I noticed a small flier pinned to the “Local Announcement Board”, Rollin Art Gallery, Port Alberni B.C. Canada Welcomes “Pencil Artist” Don Bergen’s Wildlife and Domestic Animals!  July 7th – July 29th . I took it off the board and took a look, right away I was drawn in to aptitude of his artistry and I knew right then I had to go and meet this person and see his craftsmanship for myself !

As I walked in to the Art Gallery I was met by a very friendly guy who thanked me for coming to see his art.  As we walked and talked it became obvious that Don loves animals and he told me he only really took up drawing  a few years ago when trying to quit smoking but art has always been is in his families blood. He’s a retired Mill worker who’s tool’s are now a H B#2 pencil ! He pushes himself out of his comfort zone so he doesn’t get bored with his drawings, getting better and better with each one, he say’s the eyes are the soul of the picture, a window to their (animals) personality that if you can make the eye’s authentic they will follow you around the room. That is exactly the feeling I received when I looked at his art and photographed it! ( My photo’s pale in comparison to the actual picture scans Don sent me!).

As Don and I talked it became obvious that we had run into each other before but neither could put a finger on it. It wasn’t until Don invited me to his home to see his latest creation……He gave me his address and as I looked at it I laughed! We only live 3 house’s away from each other!  What a small world!

In keeping with the generosity of our community, Don  will donate 10% of any sales of the last week of his show to the local SPCA. So without further ado…..Don Bergen’s Pencil Art!

Donald Bergen Pencil Art 016 The Artist  beside Griz (640x538).jpg
Don Bergen & “Griz” (photo by ladybuggz)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 008 Rainforest Kings (640x480).jpg
Rain Forest Kings (photo by ladybuggz)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 011 Run Bunnies Run (640x532)
Run Bunnies Run!  (photo by ladybuggz)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 007 Who (640x480).jpg
Who??   (photo by ladybuggz)


Donald Bergen Pencil Art 019Indian Chief (609x640)
Native Chief  (photo by ladybuggz) 
21 The Snow Leppard of Asia (640x553).jpg
The Asian Snow Leopard ( photo supplied by Don Bergen)
24 Spirit Animals Merging series #2 (640x554) (2).jpg
Spirit Animals Merging#2  (photo supplied by Don Bergen)


9 Canadian Critters Collage series #5.jpg
Canadian Critters Collage Series # 5 ( Photo supplied by Don Bergen)
1 soul mates-Sasquatch-Kodiak Bear (431x640).jpg
Soul Mates Sasquatch & Kodiak Bear (Photo supplied by Don Bergen)
16 Ram Tough.jpg
Ram Tough (Photo supplied by Don Bergen)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 022 Husky #5 The Boss #1 (640x480).jpg
Husky & the Boss! (photo by ladybuggz)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 025  Who's Mr Ed  (640x455).jpg
Mr Ed (photo by Ladybuggz)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 024 Golden Lab Ram Tougher (640x390).jpg
The Golden Lab (photo by Ladybuggz)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 017 Iguana on the Hunt (640x480)
Iguana On the Hunt ( Photo by ladybuggz)
23 Spirit Animals Merging series #1
Spirit Animals Merging Series #1 (Photo supplied by Don Bergen)
Donald Bergen Pencil Art 013 Eagle the Fishing King (496x640).jpg
Eagle the Fishing King (photo by Ladybuggz) 

There are so many wonderful drawings that Don has made in the short time he’s been concentrating on his hobby I  just can’t fit them all into this post!  So look forward to more of Don Bergen’s Art in another post not long in the future!!

Thank you for reading and many more Thank you’s to Don for letting me do this wonderful Post on his Art!!


Ladybuggz (Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada)





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