My Yorkie Is A Cushings Dog Part 2: Diet

Don’t forget to read Part one “My Yorkie has Cushing’s”.

I would like to mention before you read any further, I am not a Vet, I am not a Nutritionist, I am not a Herbalist. I did work in a Health Food store for about 6 months in 1999, I’m blonde, but don’t hold that against me!  I’m just a very hands-on owner who has a sick little dog who doesn’t want him to be a pin cushion and having very strong Cancer drugs given to him that could prematurely kill him. If given the choice of controlling  a disease by diet and common sense at a fraction of the cost of a Vet.  I’ll choose diet and common sense every time.  I know this is very controversial subject, there are people who think they know exactly what your dog needs, down to thinking or talking like they are a Vet, wanting to know  Blood Counts and telling you what kind of Specialist you should take your dog to. They also think just because you do not have an endless amount of money for these Blood tests,drugs and specialists they feel you shouldn’t own or they think you don’t deserve to have a dog/pet. Well, if you can afford it, I say go right ahead!  but when you can’t afford $400 Vet bills every month or two, you do your best to keep your pet as healthy as possible! If your the type that sits around bitching about “you can’t do anything for your animal and they are suffering” then yes I agree you shouldn’t have a pet, because there is always something you can do!

I walked into my local Health Food Store in almost tears, previously the owner had given me a flyer on a product that she said people have had good success and it kind of is “the last resort”. The product is called ” Recovery SA” it’s made here on Vancouver island, and I’m not being paid to mention this product and I want to make that clear. (it would be nice though! lol..).

For Petey’s weight he is only to get 1/4tsp a day, so I divided it into 3 small meals a day. By the second dose his balance was better and he was a “good” hungry because earlier he would act if all food was a sour lemon and he quit eating, after the 3rd dose he was bounding down the stairs outside and bounding up the stairs ! It was unbelievable ! It has some pretty strong natural elements such as Vit.C, Bioflavonoids, grape seed & green tea, MSM for pain and inflammation, L-lysine HCL, L-Glutamine to help heal the stomach recover and help build muscle back up.

I looked into supplements for the adrenal glands and the liver, herbs to level his blood sugar, vitamins and herbs to strengthen his immune system, herbs and supplements to sooth his digestion and aid it.  I started with making my own dog food, Barley, cooked in Chicken Broth, Chicken, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Sweet Potatoe, foods with sulphur are good for controlling Cortisol levels, the  Pumpkin is good for fibre if your dog has diarrhea . There also is the ” Flax Seed Hull cure” they say it works in controlling and absorbing the extra Cortisol levels. It might work for some, but I’ve had more promise using Organic Flax Seed Oil, but I still give him Flax just in case, I give Petey 3ml, 2 times a day.  Here is the everyday regime of what I give Petey, for his weight-approx 10lbs.

  • Pet Kelp (Kelp,Blueberries,Flax Seed), 1ml – once a day
  •  Milk Thistle 1/2 ml – 3 x a day- Liver stimulation and immune system
  • Vit. C- 1/2ml -1x a day- Antioxidant,immune system
  • Omega 3,6,9 – 2 x a day – Stomach and digestion,Brain and Cardio
  • Vit. E – 400mg 1 x a day – Antioxidant
  • Dandelion 1/2ml – 3 x a day – Stimulates the liver, improves digestion and appetite
  • Astragalus 1/2ml – 3 x a day –  Aids immune system and lungs
  • Digestive Enzymes with Bile – 1/4 tablet – 3 x a day – Helps breakdown food
  • Melatonin 5mg a day- divided in 3 meals, helping his hair grow back and skin from going black and flaky
  • Burdock- 1/2ml – 3 x a day – Helps control Blood Sugar

I know all of this seems a lot, your right, it takes about 20 minutes each meal to put together.  The Barley/Chicken/Veg mix I make once or twice a month and have it divided into containers that hold about 2 days of meals.  I also throw in a few “No Grain” L.I.D.( limited ingredient diet) Chicken & Blueberry Crunchies that he just loves.

I would of published this a few weeks ago but we had a set back, Petey got into my garden literally right after a neighborhood cat had been in it first. (If you get grossed out and  queasy don’t read the next line) I caught him before he had eaten all of it, boy did it stink, enough to make me ” Old Iron Guts” want to puke!   it was a very sick looking cat diarrhea. Right on schedule Petey was sick the next day and got sicker and sicker. I call it going into his Cushing’s Cycle.. .It start’s with his drinking tons of water, stomach bloats then the diarrhea in the middle of the night, then the vomiting and not being able to keep his food down, and then comes the sniffing his food and making the face of a sour lemon and not wanting any of it, and I mean any food! Not even just plain chicken broth, he wouldn’t eat for almost 2 whole days then he finally drank a bit of fresh broth with bits of  fresh chicken, it took about a week of trial and error with his food, pureeing this with that and not adding those, trying to get Petey back on his feeding regime was pretty frustrating I admit, but it was all worth it! He’s back to his old self running around playing.  Last night on our walk he found a new friend,  a 3 yr. old Min.Pin cross, boy could that dog could run!  Petey right behind it!  it blew away the owner when I told her Petey was 11 yrs old. That made my night, I was or am a proud Pup owner!

One more important factor in controlling the disease is Exercise, even if he’s putt’n behind you most of the way, you’ll soon see his endurance improve!

I’ll keep you all posted on Petey, and his old buddy Buggz the Shi-itzu!  Have a great night!

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.”  How True!

Some of us have it and Some of us don’t.