Spring In The Evening

I’ve started taking photo’s of the Hummingbirds and flowers in the evening just to see how they would turn out, too my surprise not too shabby….! The Rufus Hummingbirds where at a feeding frenzy drinking as much as 2 cups a day, sadly they now have moved on and it’s back to just the Anna’s and my flowers. Take a look.100_1060





All A Buzz!

This was last years Photo’s, I thought I’d share because I just love these photo’s…I wasn’t as lazy, I actually went outside and took the photo’s……froze, but suffered! lol….

This is the time of the year I love, the arrival of the Rufus Hummingbird!

Just this past week they have arrived and I had my camera ready and snapped away! I have 2 small feeders, one on each side of my covered font porch I sit in my chair not quite in the middle, so I can only focus on one feeder at a time unless I move as slow as a snail and can change focus in a heart beat! NOT!

I missed a wonderful shot of a Rufus Hummingbird flying onto the porch and hovering about 6 inch’s from my dogs face checking to see if he was a threat while flashing his red neck at Buggz (the dog), I seriously don’t think Buggz even noticed! The bird was there about 5 seconds but by the time I got the camera ready he had determined the dog wasn’t a threat and continued on to the feeder! It only took me about 1 1/2 hours to take all these great photo’s so please ENJOY!

flying in from the side an Anna Hummingbird (Green)
Beauty! A female Rufus
A male Rufus
The male Rufus flashing his neck colour at me
A female Anna
A beautiful show of this male Rufus, against the darkening sky
I marvel at these little birds!


A male Anna
Rufus male

Rufus Male


Anna male feeding
A female Rufus, can you see her tongue?

As it got darker out,it got cooler and my hands were freezing, this was one of my last outside pic’s for the night.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did taking them!